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Thinking, designing and implementing innovative solutions for psycho-physical well-being and improving the quality of life of people through physical activity and healthy eating habits and life, to prevent the major pathologies arising from sedentary disease.
For over 25 years, Technogym's mission is inspired by a unique philosophy, Wellness®.
Wellness® is the Technogym® lifestyle designed to improve the quality of life through education to regular physical activity, proper nutrition and a positive mental approach. Wellness Lifestyle® focuses on people with their needs to meet their health demand, stimulate creativity and develop their potential.
Wellness® is therefore a great opportunity for all: for governments, which can effectively counteract the exorbitant increase in health spending by investing in the health of citizens; For companies that can rely on more motivated and productive collaborators, and for individuals who can improve their lifestyle and hence the health of the planet.

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